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Proper planning and adherence to the specified time period and budget allocated for implementation and managing our projects with a comprehensive view and innovative designs to provide satisfactory, realistic and integrated results.

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Aman Alestethmar : a real estate investment establishment established in 2010 to redefine the concept of local real estate investments. Specialized in the field of real estate development and investment to be the leading brand over other companies.

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Mansour ben Abdullah Al-Hamid

Aman Alestethmar Co., Ltd. is the fruit of past effort, dream and future vision. It was built through a well-established idea and an efficient work team that proceeds through the approach of proficiency and strategy based on a solid foundation. It has become a leading company in the world of investment and real estate development. One of our mechanisms is to achieve the 2030 vision of His Highness and me. The covenant, may God protect him, is represented in the plan of transformation and economic growth of the Kingdom by focusing on building an effective management that uses the latest modern systems and large partnerships. We also take advantage of the opportunities to develop the company and we have gained a position among advanced companies through effective strategic partnerships. The population and the international quality certificate The secret of our success that prompted us to open a bunch of sectors and investments is the art of vision, quality, development, innovation and risk study. We are in Aman company to follow steady and promising steps, and our interest is focused on the future, clear vision and sound strategic planning, just as Aman company will be real safety and satisfactory return For the owner and investor.

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