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Aman Alestethmar : a real estate investment establishment established in 2010 to redefine the concept of local real estate investments. Specialized in the field of real estate development and investment to be the leading brand over other companies.

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Increasing the effective development of the diversified investment sector as a primary pillar of the company by adopting best practices for growth and development to maximize the value of investment wealth within the company's strategic system.

We aspire to achieve the highest specialized standards in the field of real estate investment, to become a leading real estate company, to be the first choice for its customers, and to be the highest example for its competitors in the market.

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Since its foundation, it has followed an investment strategy that balances between profitability, hedging, risk management and innovation for its investments and projects, which has enabled the company to achieve satisfactory growth rates in its returns, the volume of its investments and assets under management.

This policy also constituted a high fortification for the company from the repercussions of crises and the cycle of markets that it has gone through since its inception. Aman Alestethmar enjoys a major competitive advantage represented in its stability and strong strategic relationship with various economic sectors. The company aims to achieve growth in the field of real estate development and investment.

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The culture and values of Aman Group apply not only to the present but also to future generations. We believe that only the best is good enough, which is why our ambition is to leave a positive impact on urbanization, the environment and society. We aim – the ultimate goal – to reach the highest standards, through innovation and globalization of a AMAN system in investments. We aim to raise the art of safety standards.